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Information within this section is available to PINE Psychoanalytic Center Members only. You must have an account, and be logged in to access information in this section and the full calendar of events.


Share and discuss important PINE information with other members, read summary minutes from committee meetings, view syllabi and readings from classes, and find other important information. Issues related to the entire PINE Psychoanalytic Center and those more specifically related to the PINE Psychoanalytic Institute are presented separately.


To create an account, click on "accont" at the top right of the PINE webpage.

Under "member login" on the right, click on "create new account;" fill in at minimum the starred items (user name - your choice, email address, and full name) and complete the challenge at the bottom of the page (recognition of numbers/letters) to prove you are human.  CLICK SAVE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. This basic info will create the account - you will then need to wait for the web administrator, Alice, to authenticate you as a member. You will receive an email when this is done with a link to go in and create your password.

You can enter all the basic information about your practice at the time you create the account or come back later at any time, using your user id and password to sign in.  Just go to "account" at the top of the page, and choose "edit" to enter or change your information. 

Full members, reciprocal and adjunct members who are graduate analysts will also be listed on the "Find a Psychoanalyst/Therapist" page and will have a personal page visible to the public.  This includes as much or as little of the information requested for these categories of membership.  Note that the information for your personal page is entered in a specal section within the account editing page called "For Full or Reciprocal  Members Only."

Once you have an account, you can change your password or email adress at any time.  If you wish to change your member id, you will need to contact the website administrator.

To change your password:

** If you are logged in -

1) click on "account" at the top of the page in the white bar

2) click on the edit tab

3) enter current password then enter the desired new password (twice)


** If you are not logged in and/or do not recall the password -

1) click on "members only"

2) choose "request new password"

3) enter your email address (it must be the one that was initially "authenticated")

4) you will get a new password by email

5) sign in and change the password to whatever you choose as above.