The PINE Psychoanalytic Center


The PINE Psychoanalytic Center is dedicated to the support and advancement of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapies through psychoanalytic training, education, scholarly inquiry, and community advocacy.


The Psychoanalytic Institute of New England, East (PINE) was created in 1975 by a group of psychoanalysts committed to exploring and teaching psychoanalytic theory and technique in an intimate collegial atmosphere. The Psychoanalytic Society of New England (PSNE), was formed in 1991 to extend psychoanalytic learning to the greater mental health community throughout Boston and Eastern New England. In 2010 we combined these two organizations to form the PINE Psychoanalytic Center. This created an intellectual home for psychoanalysts, psychoanalytically-oriented psychotherapists, and scholars interested in psychoanalytic ideas.

In 2014, PINE underwent a transition with the transfer of a substantial number of our Training Analysts and several faculty to the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. Many of those have remained as reciprocal members, joining an enthusiastic core of senior analysts, new faculty, and analysts from other training institutes who are committed to PINE's future. These old and new voices are coming together in thoughtful and inspiring ways. Among our current projects, we are developing a model of clinical presentations that includes group process-related reflection.  Our Scientific Meetings in 2015-2016 included presentations by George Makari, M.D. and Andrew Gerber, M.D., Ph.D., Ana-Maria Rizzuto, M.D., and Prof. Dr. Dorothea Huber.

Given this process of developing a new model for PINE, we are delaying acceptance of new candidates until at least September 2017. We still welcome anyone interested in psychoanalytic training to contact us for a discussion about their goals and interests in psychoanalytic training. 

The practice of psychoanalysis is complex, and competence requires a clear understanding of ethical principles as outlined in the Principles and Standards of Ethics for Psychoanalysis of the American Psychoanalytic Association.  All candidates, faculty, and members of the PINE Psychoanalytic Center commit to adherence to these standards.  For information about PINE's Grievance Policies and Procedures, please click on the link at the bottom of the sidebar. 

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Board of Directors of PINE Psychoanalytic Center

Bliss Rand, M.D., President
Graham Spruiell, M.D., Treasurer 

Susan Workum, M.D., Chair, Committee of Training Analysts
Michael I. Good, M.D., Chair, Ethics Committee
Patricia Kauffman, M.D., Chair, Psychoanalyst Assistance Committee
Donna Mathias, M.D., Co-Chair, Psychoanalytic Educational Forum of Boston
Laurie Raymond, M.D., Chair, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Fellowship


PINE Psychoanalytic Center Members

Sarah Ackerman, Ph.D.
Elissa Arons, M.D.
Nina Avedon, LICSW
Ayelet Barkai, M.D.
Malcolm Beaudett, M.D..
Carl Brotman, M.D.
Rachel Bulbulian, LICSW
David Diamond, M.D.
Gail Doherty, LICSW
George Dominiak, M.D.
Marie Dunn, LICSW, JD
Michael Dvorkin, Ed.D
J. Matson Ellis, M.D.
Lilia Feinberg, M.D.
M. Robert Gardner, M.D.
Robin Gomolin, Psya.D.
Michael I. Good, M.D.
Simona Grabel, Ph.D.
Edward Graham, Ph.D.
Maida Greenberg, Ed.D.
Cornelis Heijn, M.D
Eleanor Herzog, Ph.D.
James Herzog, M.D.
Axel Hoffer, M.D.
Neal S. Kass, M.D.
Patricia Kauffman, M.D.
Robert F. Kenerson, M.D.
Jane V. Kite, Ph.D.
F. Delia Kostner, Ph.D.
Regina Koziyevskaya, M.D.
Ira Lable, M.D.
Frances Lang, LICSW
Peter Lawner, Ph.D.
Howard B. Levine, M.D.
Donna Mathias, M.D.
Martin Miller, M.D.


Cynthia Mitchell, Ph.D.
Siamak Movahedi, Ph.D.
Jennifer Neuwalder, M.D., MArch.

Anna Ornstein, M.D.
Paul Ornstein, M.D.
Ava Bry Penman
Fredric Perlman, Ph.D.

Mark Poster, M.D.
Robert L. Pyles, M.D.
Bliss Rand, M.D.
Laurie Raymond, M.D.
Kenneth Reich, Ed.D.
David Reisen, M.D.
Ana-Maria Rizzuto, M.D.
Alexandra K. Rolde, M.D.
Susan Rosbrow-Reich, Ph.D.
Sheldon Roth, M.D.
Carol Rubin, Ph.D.
Jonathan Schindelheim, M.D.
Evelyne A. Schwaber, M.D.
Deborah Shilkoff, LICSW
Stephanie Dee Smith, LICSW
Marcia Smith-Hutton, MSW
William D. Spidaliere, Psy.D., LMHC
Graham Spruiell, M.D.
Laurie Stalker, Ph.D.
Morris Stambler, M.D.
Mark Steinberg, Ph.D.
G. Hiroko Taguchi, MSW
Cynthia Telingator, M.D.
Karen Weisgerber, Ph.D.
Myrna C. Weiss, M.D.
Paula Wolk, M.D.
Andrew Wood, LMHC
Susan Workum, M.D.





Grete L. Bibring, M.D. August 10, 1977
Malvina Stock, M.D. November 25, 1980
Helen Tartakoff, M.D. May 30, 1981
Jerome I. Sashin, M.D. January 5, 1990
Paul Sloane, M.D. November 1, 1992
Frances J. Bonner, M.D. December 24, 2000
Samuel Silverman, M.D. January 30, 2002
Paul G. Ecker, M.D. April 6, 2002
Stuart T. Hauser, M.D. August 5, 2008
Herbert J. Goldings, M.D. November 23, 2009
W.W. Meissner, S.J., M.D. April 16, 2010
Arthur F. Valenstein, M.D. Jan 17, 2012