PINE Psychoanalytic Institute

The PINE Psychoanalytic Institute, a division of the PINE Psychoanalytic Center, is an approved Institute of the American Psychoanalytic Association and nationally accredited by The Accreditation Council for Psychoanalytic Education, Inc. Since its inception, our psychoanalytic training program has been carried out in a small, "workshop" atmosphere, tailoring teaching to both the special talents of faculty and the individual needs of candidates, in an "institute without walls." Virtually all institute activities are conducted in members’ homes or offices, a congenial practice that continues to the present time. Our core educational structure is based on three essential components - undergoing a personal psychoanalysis, conducting supervised psychoanalysis, and participating in small group seminars on psychoanalytic theory and technique. We seek to foster intensive relationships as the conduit for learning and  shaping psychoanalysts who are individuals as well as members of the larger, evolving psychoanalytic community. For more information, visit Education and Training.

Given our process of rebuilding PINE, we are delaying acceptance of new candidates until at least September 2017.  We still welcome anyone interested in psychoanalytic training to contact us for a discussion about their goals and interests in become psychoanalysts.

We are now offering a Fellowship for those in the mental health community-at-large interested in deepening their psychodynamic psychotherapy work.

PINE Psychoanalytic Institute Current Membership


Ayelet Barkai, M.D.
Malcolm Beaudett, M.D.
David Diamond, M.D.
Gail Doherty, LICSW
J. Matson Ellis, M.D.
M. Robert Gardner, M.D.* (emeritus)
Michael I. Good, M.D.
Edward (Ned) Graham, Ph.D.
Maida Greenberg, Ed.D.
Neal S. Kass, M.D.
Patricia Kauffman, M.D.
Robert F. Kenerson, M.D.
Howard B. Levine, M.D.
Donna Mathias, M.D.
Martin Miller, M.D.*


Anna Ornstein, M.D.
Paul Ornstein, M.D.
Ava Bry Penman
Robert L. Pyles, M.D.*
Bliss Rand, M.D.
Laurie Raymond, M.D.
David Reisen, M.D.
Ana-Maria Rizzuto, M.D.* (emeritus)
Alexandra K. Rolde, M.D.
Carol Rubin, Ph.D.
Jonathan Schindelheim, M.D.
Graham Spruiell, M.D.
Morris Stambler, M.D.
Karen Weisgerber, Ph.D.
Myrna C. Weiss, M.D.*
Paula Wolk, M.D.
Susan Workum, M.D.*

* Training and Supervising Analyst


Mark F. Poster, M.D.