Training in Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis

Child psychoanalytic training at PINE is part of a program jointly administered by PINE and Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (BPSI).

Candidates at PINE with at least one year of full-time child training at an accredited institution are eligible to apply for this training. It is expected that the applicant has had supervised psychotherapeutic work with children as well as considerable familiarity with the psychology, development and assessment of normal and pathological conditions in children and adolescents. A candidate in the adult psychoanalytic training who wishes to also do child and adolescent training may apply for this training after at least 6 months with his or her first supervised adult case. Requirements for graduation in Child Training:

  • Completion of four year program of seminars within the child and adolescent program
  • Supervised analyses of three children of different developmental stages, both sexes
  • One case brought to a satisfactory conclusion
  • 150 hours of supervision, with at least 60 in weekly supervision of the first case

Applications for child analytic training are made to the Committee on Child Analysis which has representation from both the PINE Institute and BPSI. It is possible to train in adult and child analysis concurrently.
 Combined training requires a minimum of five supervised cases, two adults, two children, and one adolescent. Please contact the PINE office for further information.